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Wera 2go:
Free hands with innovative tool transport system

Mobile home for tool sets / Look and hoop fasteners for docking the tools / The space-saving wonder for various tools / Four modules partially compatible with each other /

Screwdriving professionals very much appreciate the robust textile boxes in which the screwdriving and compact tools as well as ratchet sets by Wera can be tidily housed in a minimum of space. They are particularly well suited for mobile applications since the right tool is always at hand. But for some jobs, the tools that will ultimately be needed cannot always be foreseen. In such cases cumbersome and much too heavy toolboxes are often reverted back to.

Simple docking
Against this background, the product developers at Wera started searching for a solution that would give the textile boxes and pouches a mobile home, would keep the hands free when walking around and would offer a system onto which tool sets could easily be attached or detached depending upon the job on hand. With this innovation, the painstaking sorting of individual tools that would either need to be added or removed before travelling to the outside job would become a thing of the past. In this development, the “Tool Rebels” were able to benefit from the fact that many tool boxes by Wera were already equipped with a nonwoven zone on their reverse side. This meant that they could be attached e.g. to a tool wall or workshop trolley with the help of hook and loop fasteners.

Simple packing, unpacking, filling and attachment
This principle was conferred upon the innovative Wera 2go tool transport system. It consists of four modules that ensure particularly simple packing, unpacking, filling and attachment, thereby making it quick and easy to prepare for the next job. All the modules have a high cut and stab resistance and offer very good protection against damage and moisture. At the same time, Wera 2go really is a space-saving wonder: at first glance, the modules seem small, but an incredible number of different tools fit both inside as well as on the outside. Tool sets not required can be simply detached and additional tools needed can be readily attached or inserted. In this way, everything is arranged in an orderly manner and is immediately available for use.
Simple combining
Wera 2go comprises four modules which are compatible with one another to a certain extent. This means that users can put together their own individual tool transport system by simply combining the modules.
Wera 2go 1 – The outside packer
The super-light and mobile Tool Carrier is suitable for all Wera tool sets with a nonwoven section on their reverse side. The hands remain free thanks to the comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap.
Wera 2go 2 – The outside and inside packer
The hook and loop fasteners on the inside as well as the outside ensure that the space available is utilised to the full. This means that very many tools fit into as well as onto the compact Textile Container. It comes with a detachable carrying strap for the hand as well as a shoulder strap and means that both hands remain free during transport or when working.
Wera  2go 3 – The inside packer
The compact Tool Box can be filled with tools and spare parts. The box is also suitable for being docked onto the Wera 2go module.
Wera 2go 4 – The Tool Quiver
The Tool Quiver has an individually-adjustable partitioning section for screwdrivers and other tools. It can also be docked onto the Wera 2go 1 Tool Carrier and is included in the Wera 2go 2 Tool Container.