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Corrected torque values for Click-Torque X torque wrenches in combination with insert tools

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Calibration of Click-Torque X wrenches

The tool was calibrated by means of a test adapter whose pitch is designated “Sk”. If the gauge of the tool you are using deviates from the length “Sk”, the actual release torque will change according to the formula.

Depth gauge = Depth gauge
Depth gauge of test attachment to pivot point = Depth gauge of test attachment to pivot point
Scale torque value = Scale torque value (adjusted torque value)
Applied torque value with attachment tool=Applied torque value with attachment tool
Length of holding position to torque measurement point=Length of holding position to torque measurement point

Disclaimer: We are pleased to provide you with our innovative "Torque Advisor" calculation system for torque spanners. Please ensure that you make the correct selection when entering your tool details and, when entering the desired target torque value, make sure that you only enter a value that is permissible for your screw connection, as otherwise damage may occur. For critical applications, you must always check that the values determined are correct, if necessary, using a suitable testing device. Our liability regulations below apply. The relationship between the contracting parties is governed exclusively by the law applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of international sales law.

We shall always be liable without limitation for claims based on damage caused by us, our legal representatives or vicarious agents (“Erfüllungsgehilfen”)

  • in the event of injury to life, limb or health,
  • in the event of wilful or grossly negligent breach of duty,
  • in the case of guarantee promises, if agreed, or
  • insofar as the scope of application of the Product Liability Act is opened.

In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on the observance of which the contractual partner may regularly rely (cardinal obligations) due to slight negligence on our part, our legal representatives or vicarious agents (“Erfüllungsgehilfen”), liability shall be limited to the amount of damage foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract, the occurrence of which must typically be expected.

Otherwise, claims for damages are excluded.

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