Calibration and Service of Wera Torque Tools

Wera Werkzeuge GmbH – Calibration competence in our own laboratory in Wuppertal

The Wera Torque Service offers you excellent and affordable service packages with short delivery times and will be happy to answer your questions about your torque tool.

All Wera torque tools are produced, adjusted, calibrated and certified under strict quality conditions. On request, Wera can also issue a calibration certificate according to DAkkS standard in cooperation with an accredited specialist laboratory.

A torque tool is basically a testing aid used for controlled tightening and/or loosening of screwdriving connections. Like any other testing instrument, torque tools require sensitive handling, appropriate storage, and regular care to prevent influences that can distort the set torque values.

Torque tools can only be used effectively and reliably if the set values ​​are applied correctly. For the purposes of the normative recommendations and especially in your own interest, a torque tool should be checked, calibrated and, if necessary, adjusted and/or repaired at the latest after every 5,000 load changes or, if the number of load changes can not be determined, every 12 months.

As part of our service packages, we offer you not only calibration and, if necessary, the adjustment of your torque tool, but also the repair or replacement of defective components.

This means that at Wera you can also calibrate, adjust and, if necessary, repair your torque tools already in use, in accordance with the strict requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789-1: 2017.

What advantages does the Wera Torque Service offer you?

  • Comprehensive know how
  • Comprehensive range of services: calibration, adjustment, repair and certification of Wera torque tools
  • Personal contact and competent advice
  • Short reaction times
  • Fair and affordable prices
  • Fast delivery times
  • Supply of replacement tools (on request)

Tool knowledge: What is calibration or re-calibration?

Calibration is a measurement process that determines whether a torque tool actually executes its job at the set torque and applies it accordingly. The so-called re-calibration is the calibration and the subsequent readjustment of a torque tool, in case the calibration indicates impermissibly large tolerance deviations or other errors.

Our service options to choose from

  • Factory calibration
  • Repair with factory calibration
  • DAkkS calibration
  • Repair with DAkkS calibration

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