Kraftform – The right handle for screwdrivers

The outstanding design of the Kraftform screwdrivers that fit perfectly into the hand prevent hand injuries such as blisters and calluses even when used for longer periods. The materials used for the handle ensure rapid hand repositioning without any danger of the skin “sticking” to the handle and full transfer of torque. The microscopically roughened surface of the Lasertip of the Kraftform screwdrivers literally “bites” itself into the screw head and ensures a secure fit of the Phillips screwdrivers in the screw. The Wera Black Point tip and a refined hardening process guarantee long durability, enhanced corrosion protection and an exact fit of the Phillips screwdrivers in the screw. Other product features like the non-roll design to prevent any annoying rolling away of the Kraftform screwdrivers at the workplace or the hexagonal bolster, which allows more power to be transferred with the application of a ring or open-jaw spanner, make Kraftform screwdrivers the perfect tool for professional users. Available also as Kraftform screwdrivers with “Take it easy” tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size stamp.

Kraftform screwdrivers by Wera are just the right tool for your requirements.

Ergonomic Kraftform handle

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