Zyklop Metal with push-through square

Due to the ever-more confined working environment, space is becoming more and more an issue for the application of ratchets. Our product developers therefore intensively occupied themselves with the issue of confined working spaces, and Wera has now solved this problem. The extremely slim and robust Zyklop Metal ratchet with a long lever was what emerged. When the socket must not get lost and a coincidental change of direction has to be avoided at all cost, the Zyklop Metal Push is the correct choice.

Slim design.

Extremely slim. Long leverage.

Forged, full metal ratchet out of

chrome molybdenum.

Smooth push-through mechanism.

Secure socket lock mechanism.

The dual-ratchet-teeth design means that a 76 fine-toothing division can

be achieved from the 38 robust teeth with a return angle of only 4.7°.