Let’s build history together!

We are almost 1,500 Tool Rebels worldwide. We’re reflecting on more than 90 years of success and always looking for new challenges.

We love screwdriving tools, especially our innovations.

We are medium-sized, brand-oriented and offer the necessary freedom to those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We challenge the status quo and support employees who assist us. In this way, we create a basis for joint and constant professional development.

Do you also feel rebellious. Are you never content with existing standards? Then apply now and become a true Tool Rebel!

Team play

Team play is very important to us because only together can we create tools that make the lives of our users easier, safer and "full of joy”!

One for all

One for all, all for one! As a Tool Rebel, you will work on our vision of becoming a Public Brand and you can rely on the support of your fellow teammates in a wide variety of situations.


Of course, fun shouldn't be missing at work either: at our internal events or at festivals where we are represented, we show that we deserve our rocking image!


Innovation is our great strength. We are the joker for our users, even when it comes to challenging screwdriving applications. Become a Tool Rebel and support us so that Wera remains the innovation leader!


With our breathtaking vertical range of manufacture, we can guarantee the highest quality of our products. Quality assurance takes care of the rest, so our complaint rate is virtually zero.

Experience the “Full of Joy” tools
Wera values

Experience the “Full of Joy” tools

From “Screw in, screw out” to an emotional experience!

For us, tools are not just tools. Our tools make the lives of many users easier, safer and “full of joy”. Wera tools are true innovations and excel in quality - plus, we’re often told that screwdriving with Wera tools is really fun. The feeling we convey with our image and products has a very special effect: "screw in, screw out" does not become a purely functional process but an emotional experience. This inspires our customers and gives us a unique market position.

From a tool for professionals to a Public Brand!

For decades, specialists and professionals have been screwdriving with Wera tools with conviction. Apart from these target groups, we are reaching more and more people through our brand presence. Almost two million social media followers are part of the Tool Rebel community. By now, we're even known as an institution at metal festivals, where we’ve become the place to go for people who not only prefer rock'n'roll in their playlists but also in their toolboxes. And our journey continues: We believe that a "full of joy" Wera experience is always worthwhile and tools are never done evolving.

Apply now, become part of our mission as an active Tool Rebel and join us to turn vision into reality!

Wera Values


As a brand, we want to inspire and create emotional experiences. We succeed when our employees themselves are convinced and enthusiastic about Wera. To achieve this, we create a cooperation in which our Tool Rebels are full of enthusiasm and pursue Wera's goals. Many of our employees already act as brand ambassadors and convey their convictions and passion to the outside world. Do you have enthusiasm for tools and our rocking image? With us, you can get involved and become part of a great team!

Inventive spirit

As Tool Rebels, we are known for our innovative products. We challenge the status quo and standards to surpass ourselves. As innovation leaders, we create opportunities to promote our employees' creativity and individual development. In this way, we make it possible to create something new or to face challenges together innovatively. Are you also a creative mind? With us, you will find a place to realize your ideas!


Anyone who knows us knows that we are passionate about what we do. We are convinced that it is primarily through the passion of our Tool Rebels that we are able to turn a simple product into an attitude towards life. It is, therefore, important to us to create opportunities for our internal Tool Rebels to realize themselves through working at Wera. We believe that real passion brings the highest quality standards to your own actions, and exactly that is fundamental to staying in people's minds as a brand. Does your heart also burn for what you do? With us, you can turn your job into your vocation!


Our products stand out because they fulfil their promise. Authenticity is also particularly important to us in personal contact. We seek and encourage people who are honest with themselves and others, in other words, those who bring openness and sincerity. We look for and encourage people who address things that do or don’t go well. People who offer constructive criticism. Are you also an honest person? With us, you will find a place to speak your mind and be heard!

If our values align with yours, apply now and become a true Tool Rebel!


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