Koloss - this ratchet is the best!

A ratchet is often improperly used as a hammer – particularly when things need to be done quickly. This causes damage to the ratchet head and it quickly becomes unfit for use. The solution for this problem is the Koloss from Wera – the ratchet that can also safely and officially be used as a hammer!

Hardened square drive

Non-removable sealed and hardened square drive for tough jobs.

Almost indestructible

Almost indestructible: the square drive evades blows and cannot be damaged when the Koloss is used as a hammer.

Left/right operations

Changing the ratchet direction using a hardened push-through square drive ensures great resilience, since there is no susceptible switching mechanism that could be damaged by hammer blows. This is far more robust than a forward/reverse switch.

Drop-forged hammer head

The drop-forged hammer head is permanently pinned to the shaft in a form-fit joint. This guarantees an almost nondetachable positioning of the hammer head on the handle.

Dual ratchet teeth

Gives the robust 30 saw teeth the precision engineering effect of 60 fine teeth with a 6° return angle.

Tubular shaft

Tubular shaft minimises impact vibrations.

Dry-fined hammer face

Used with rubber pad attachments to protect materials and surfaces.