Kraftform Kompakt & VDE - every size always available

The unique tool family for power tool and manual applications. Why is the right tool so often not at hand? The reason: too many tools and overly-heavy tool bags can make it bothersome to carry them onsite. So for us it was a clear challenge: to design a tool that is suitable for a whole host of applications and can be easily taken along to jobs at other sites. Our solution: Kraftform Kompakt tools. A handle into which blades with a range of different profiles can be inserted. Compactly and protectively housed in a light and robust textile pouch or plastic box.

For manual and power tool operations

The sets come with a Kraftform handle, quick-release chuck and bits for manual and power tool operations.

Handle/interchangeable blade system

The handle/interchangeable blade system permits rapid exchange of the blades neede for a wide range of applications.

Tools can be stored and carried either in a

solid plastic case or a robust belt pouch.

The tools can be stored and carried either in a solid plastic case or a robust belt pouch. In this way the tool is always to hand.

Handle with interchangeable blades for flexibility

Individually tested tool as per IEC 60900 at 10,000 V

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Kraftform Kompakt

Kraftform Kompakt VDE

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