Wera AR

We never settle for existing standards.

We are always looking for new ideas. We think differently. We question.
At Wera that does not stop with the development of tools, but is found in many other areas, even with new technologies in digital marketing.

With Augmented Reality (AR), we have made our products tangible and have brought Wera tools into the future. Wera products can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet in 360-degrees, and as a 3D object in a real environment.

Never have Wera tools been so beautiful to look at on your smartphone or tablet!

The 3D object is movable in all axes, and can be viewed in the smallest detail. Importantly, it works without requiring any app installation on iOS and Android devices.

With Augmented Reality, the tool magically appears in the real world and becomes almost tangible.

What does the tool look like in reality?
How big is it?
Does it fit in my toolbox?
How can I recognize the special features?

These questions have now been solved in an impressive way - directly in your browser on the smartphone or tablet.

The product presentation on the PC also benefits from this technology.

In the browser, Wera tools can be displayed as a 3D object, rotated, and enlarged.

Curious? Like to test yourself!

We are in the midst of developing this new and exciting technology. In order to let our fans participate in the development, we are already publishing the latest news.
Try it, preferably with your smartphone or tablet, and give us your feedback.
Compatible with iOS 12 and Android 7 onwards.

All tools with AR


We look forward to the feedback on Wera AR. No matter whether these are suggestions for improvement, error messages or any other queries.
Thanks for your help!

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