Kraftform Micro screwdrivers

Kraftform Micro screwdrivers are the ideal tools for electronics or fine engineering applications. The highly precise Wera manufacturing quality is indispensable, particularly when the very smallest dimensions are concerned. The three-zone concept (power zone, fast-turning zone, precision zone) reduces fastening time distinctly and lowers the cost for each screw connection. Kraftform Micro screwdrivers are also available in ESD-version.

Kraftform Micro screwdrivers by Wera are just the right tool, also for your requirements!

The tools

2035 Screwdriver for slotted screws for electronic applications
2055 PZ Screwdriver for Pozidriv screws for electronic applications
2069 Nutdriver for electronic applications
Kraftform Micro-Set/12 SB 1 Screwdriver set for electronic applications
1550 PH Kraftform Micro screwdriver for Phillips screws
1555 PZ Kraftform Micro screwdriver for Pozidriv screws
1569 ESD Nutdriver
2035/6 A Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications