Metal hand tools

Wera is one of the leading international manufacturers of metal hand tools with its headquarters in Wuppertal / Germany. Wera develops and produces metal hand tools to meet professional demands. Wera offers the solution to problems associated with screwdriving. The range comprises some 3,000 metal hand tools and includes real problem solvers even for very individual assignments. This includes e.g. Kraftform screwdrivers with Lasertip blades against any slipping out of the screw head; the innovative Zyklop and Koloss ratchets, which you can even hammer with; Hex-Plus tools, that prevent the rounding of hexagonal socket screws; Impaktor bits and holders, that were especially developed to meet the high demands when impact drivers are used; diamond-coated bits against any slipping out of the screw head; Kraftfom Kompakt tools for hand and power tool operation, the Wera 2go tool transportation system. These metal hand tools generate professional results in practical screwdriving applications due to their – in many cases – quite unique features.

Metal hand tools by Wera are just the right tool, also for your requirements!

The tools

Zyklop Hybrid Set
8000 C Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 1/2
8100 SC 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set, 1/2
8100 SC 7 Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set with push-through square, 1/2
8003 C Zyklop Metal Ratchet with push-through square and 1/2
950 SPKL/9 SM HF Multicolour L-key set, metric, BlackLaser, with holding function
Joker Ratcheting combination wrenches
Series 7400 Kraftform adjustable torque screwdrivers (0.1-3.0 Nm) with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck