Torque indicators

Wera torque indicators have been factory pre-set to values recommended by leading carbide tool manufacturers. These tightening values relate specifically to the size of the TORX®, TORX PLUS® or hexagon socket screw. Torque indicators ensure safe and easy loosening of screw connections. These slim, 4 mm hexagon blades are ideal for reaching difficult-to-access screws; unlimited torque and an accuracy of ± 10 % are additional features.

Torque indicators by Wera are just the right tool, also for your requirements!


The tools

300 Hex torque-indicator
300 Hex torque-indicator, pistol grip
300 TX TORX® torque-indicator
300 TX TORX® torque-indicator, pistol grip
300 IP TORX PLUS® torque-indicator
300 IP TORX PLUS® torque-indicator, pistol grip