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Every year brings new content from Wera:
Iconic Advent calendar lights up adult eyes

Great popularity with tool professionals and hobbyists / Each year is differ-ent and with new surprises / 34 tool surprises behind 24 doors / Tool set for all common screw profiles / Long bits and sockets with the „Take it easy“ Toolfinder / Robust textile box to arrange the tools /

Who would have thought in 2010 that Wera hit the nail on the head with the invention of an Advent calendar with screwdrivers? Since then, the pre-Christmas calendar has lit up adult eyes every year and enjoys an ever-increasing popularity among tool pros and hobbyists. This is why the Wuppertal tool factory continues this much-loved tradition with a new edition again this year. As always, they worked closely together with Santa Claus to deliver new and different content.

Mini screwdriving workshop from Santa Claus
The current edition includes a mini-screw workshop with which small and tricky screwdriving challenges can be solved precisely. During the compilation, Santa Claus was particularly generous this time: behind the 24 doors, a total of 34 surprises are hidden - tools for easier use, even in cramped working situations.
This allows the recipient to assemble a tool set for all common screw profiles. It consists of a microlith handheld Kraftform Micro-chuck with magnetic chuck for 4 mm micro-blades and eight 30 mm long Micro-bits as well as a Kraftform bit hand holder with Rapidaptor quick change chuck for ¼ inch standard bits and twelve 50 mm long bits with different profiles. As a further useful accessory, the Advent calendar includes eight ¼-inch sockets and one socket adapter. The long bits and the nuts are equipped with the "Take it Easy" Toolfinder, whose colour marking and size stamping allows simple and fast finding of the required tool. The angle screwdriver for sockets also contains a very high force transmission thanks to its lever action.

Textile box for quick access
The set is rounded off by a robust textile box in which all the tools from the Advent calendar can be arranged and easily viewed. It has a non-woven zone on the back, with which the tool set can be docked to the transport system Wera 2go. In addition, a self-adhesive Velcro strip is included for fixing the textile box to the workshop wall. This means that the user always has the compact tool set ready for use even after the Christmas season.

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