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Joker Switch with offset ring end:
Faster and more secure screwdriving

New ratcheting combination wrenches with a 15° angled ring end / Switchover lever at the ring end for faster change of direction / Fine tooth ratchet mechanism / Familiar and proven Joker advantages at the jaw end / Tool Finder makes finding the right tool size easy / Available in metric as well as imperial dimensions

Wuppertal. The Wuppertal-based screwdriving specialists Wera are dealing out another new hand with the Joker Switch and thereby appropriately rounding off its range of ratcheting combination wrenches. In the development of the new Joker, the designers set themselves the task of making screwdriving jobs even faster and more secure in very confined and low-lying working environments: a ratcheting combination wrench emerged from this with a 15° angled ring end. This means that it can also be reliably positioned on the fastener in very tight working situations. Further, the offset ring end enhances working safety since the user can no longer injure her/his fingers so easily on the adjacent component during the screwdriving job.

Switchover for direction change  
To enable a rapid change of direction, the Joker Switch – as the name might suggest – is equipped with a lever at the ring end for a simple switchover of the ratchet mechanism in both directions. This mechanism has a fine-toothed design – with 80 teeth in all – that allows fast and effective screwdriving applications even in confined working situations.

Proven advantages
The Joker Switch offers all the familiar and proven advantages of the Joker family at its jaw end. On the one hand, it is the holding function that allows fasteners and nuts to be guided without the need for any auxiliary tools since any falling out from the jaw is successfully avoided. On the other hand, it is fitted with a limit stop which prevents any slipping of the wrench off the fastener head downwards. Moreover, the Joker really has got a bite to it thanks to the exchangeable, hardened metal plate with extra-hard tips that just do not let go of the fastener. This effectively prevents any slipping when higher torque is applied. In addition, the especially small return angle of only 30° makes any flipping of the wrench unnecessary, something that is a particular benefit in very tight assembly situations.

The right tool quickly to hand
All Joker Switch ratcheting combination wrenches are equipped with the Wera “Take it easy” Tool Finder system. This makes it very easy to find the right tool dimension: viz. in addition to their imprint, the wrenches carry a colour bar to allow optical differentiation between the sizes. In this respect, the rule of “same dimension, same colour” applies across all tools. In the case of wrenches and sockets, for example, the colour green symbolises the wrench dimension 13 mm. This means that the size of every tool can now be clearly identified at a glance.
The Joker Switch is available individually in the dimensions from 8 to 19 mm as well as in a four-piece set in the sizes 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm or as an eleven-piece complete set with all wrench dimensions. It also comes in imperial sizes from 5/16” to ¾” as well as in four-piece and eleven-piece sets. All sets are housed in compact and robust textile boxes.