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Wera meets Red Bull Racing

Screwdriving tools in Red Bull Racing look:

Parallels between Red Bull Racing and Wera: always challenging existing standards / Rebellious image / Both brands repeatedly present new ideas and successes / Five professional tool sets as licensed articles / Exceptional packaging design /

Wuppertal. The Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team has already won both the drivers’ as well as the constructors’ world championship four times since the inaugural season in 2006. The team with two, self-confident, young drivers managed to get onto the podium a total of 16 times in 2016 and in so doing once again left some of the more established racing teams behind them.

Thinking differently 
Where does this success come from? Standards and conventional ideas are constantly challenged by Red Bull Racing – and this is where the connection to the Wuppertal-based screwdriving manufacturer Wera originates. Wera also continually challenges existing standards and is not content with simply accepting the conventional and established. Red Bull Racing and Wera have a rebellious image among their fans and love living this image to the full.

Inspiring fans
To be different enhances the profile of a brand. The young and highly-talented drivers at Red Bull Racing are passionately contending against more established racing teams and in this way are winning over many friends. The “Tool Rebels” at Wera are not of the opinion that tools have already reached the end of their development cycle. That is the reason why both brands are constantly developing new ideas and reaping success.

The Red Bull Racing tool sets – made by Wera
Motorsport fans and tool professionals will love them: the professional tool sets are considered to be so good that as a licensed article they may now carry the name of the racing team.
1. The Red Bull Racing Zyklop Speed Set
This set comprises an incredibly compact arrangement of many tools in a minimum of space – including the Zyklop Speed, probably the fastest ratchet in the world. It also comes with nine Zyklop sockets, 15 bits, two extensions and a bit adaptor.
2. The Red Bull Racing Screwdriver Set
A tool set consisting of seven Kraftform screwdrivers – hard gripping zones for high working speeds and soft sections for high torque transfer.
3. The Red Bull Racing Set Kraftform Kompakt 60     
The set is composed of stainless steel tools with 16 bit blades in  a minimum of space.    
4. The Red Bull Racing Set Kraftform Kompakt 20     
This is a compact stainless steel tool with six stainless screwdriving bits in the handle – made by Wera.  
5. The Red Bull Racing Tool-Check PLUS 
This 39-piece tool set combination in a minimum of space consists of a ratchet, bits, sockets, quick-release chuck and a holder.
The exceptional packaging design does not only make the tools indispensable helpers and aids, but also real collector’s pieces.