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Screwdriver surprises for Advent and Christmas:
It's Christmas with Wera

Wuppertal. The Christmas season is always something very special: the hustle and bustle of everyday life stops a little and you think of people for whom you would like to prepare a special treat. Even the screwdriving tool manufacturer Wera wants to wake up Christmas feelings during this time. The Wera Advent calendar is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. Ever since Wera started this tradition, every year the Tool Rebels re-think which Christmas ideas are particularly pleasing for their users.

Advent calendar for screwdriving enthusiasts

Behind its little windows, the 2019 Wera Advent calendar has all the new products for real screwdriving fun for proven problem solvers, in a professional quality format: the new cross-grip holder sits ideally in the hand, as its two-component design ensures a secure and firm grip. The cross-handle geometry allows a particularly large leverage effect. The integrated bit quick-change holder "Rapidaptor" offers full flexibility in different screw profiles and a lightning-fast safe change of the inserted tool. Also new is the small Stubby bit holder, which can be used even in small spaces. The integrated magnet holder is extremely compact and gives the user extra choices - depending on the required screw profile.

With the bits, sockets and socket adapters found inside, the Advent calendar enables a variety of screwdriving solutions: eleven 25 mm bits and six 50 mm bits with special corrosion protection in the profiles slot, hexagon socket, TORX® Phillips PH and PZ are included as well as three sockets with the tool finder "Take it easy" and a socket adapter, so that cross-grip and Stubby holders can also be used for sockets.

To mark its 10th birthday, this year's calendar also includes two special extras: a Stubby bottle opener and a cross-handle corkscrew. They form a duo that are not only high quality, but also original eye-catchers.

Christmas gift sets

As an additional promotion, Wera offers three different Christmas sets, which can be placed under the Christmas tree or used to make people happy during the Advent season. All sets are presented in beautifully designed gift boxes that are ideal for presents - with or without tools.

The set "Kraftform Christmas" contains a VDE screwdriver and a bottle opener. The "Bit-Check Christmas" features a universal bit holder with a stainless steel sleeve and strong permanent magnet, as well as six "BiTorsion" bits with the tool finder "Take It Easy" in different profiles. The "Zyklop Mini 3 Christmas" offers a ¼" socket ratchet as well as three sockets in the key widths 8, 10 and 13 mm.

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