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The new Zyklop VDE ratchet range from Wera:
It’s fun and tension-free

01_Zyklop VDE-Knarrensatz-1

The Zyklop VDE ratchet set for comfortable and safe working in electrical installations.

Fully insulated ratchet for working safely in electrical installations / Great design with I-want-one-effect / Fine teeth and low return angle for easy screwdriving even in tight working situations / Locking and unlocking of the sockets via a push button / 14 VDE sockets and short and long VDE extensions / Compact ratchet set in robust textile box / Meets all safety requirements of the IEC 60900 standard

Wuppertal. With the Zyklop VDE tools, Wera, the tool specialists from Wuppertal, introduced an innovative ratchet range, which can be used even when working on live components in electrical systems.

The evolution continues
Wera already set a groundbreaking standard for the industry with the invention of the first Zyklop ratchet in 2008. Further innovations in this segment followed. The latest invention of the Tool Rebels is the new VDE ratchet, complete with extensive accessories. The Wera ratchet expertise was brought in with the development of these new tools. They are specifically designed for safe work in electrical installations and are fully insulated to reliably protect the user from electric shocks.

Extremely practical and very stylish
Not only are the tools tension-free, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. The new Wera VDE ratchet incorporates the great features of the renowned Zyklop design. It impresses with a slim, yet sturdy design, which allows users to continue working where other ratchets fail because of their size. Another advantage of the Zyklop VDE is the fine 80 tooth mechanism, resulting in an extremely low return angle of only 4.5 degrees. Therefore, fast and reliable screwdriving is possible, even in confined working situations. With the reversing lever, changing the screwdriving direction is easy, safe and fast. Due to the locking mechanism, the sockets are safely held on the ratchet. The locking and unlocking of the sockets works via a push-button on the ratchet head.

Ready for work
The VDE ratchet range includes 14 VDE sockets from 6 to 19 mm AF as well as a short and a long VDE extension. The insulation of the sockets and extensions is made in two parts with a yellow insulating core and a red outer layer. In this way, any damage to the insulation can be detected quickly with the visible appearance of the core layer.

All tools from the Zyklop VDE program are available individually or as a compact ratchet set. This is housed in a sturdy textile box, which offers plenty of storage space for the 14 sockets, two extensions and the VDE ratchet. Additional benefit: The textile box can also be docked to the tool carrier system Wera 2go. The socket holders in the box are equipped with the twist-to-unlock function, a smooth turning mechanism which enables easy removal and insertion of the sockets while at the same time providing secure hold.

Certified safety
The VDE ratchet Zyklop and the sockets meet all safety requirements of the international standard IEC 60900. All tools in the range are individually tested at 10,000 volts. Testing them at a test load ten times higher, guarantees safe working with a maximum permitted voltage of 1,000 volts.

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Wera Werkzeuge GmbH
Korzerter Straße 21-25, 42349 Wuppertal / Germany
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