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Foundation of the Tool Rebel Junior Academy:
Wera scholarships for young, up-and-coming inventors

Tool Rebel Junior Academy: Wera scholarships for young, up-and-coming inventors

It does not necessarily have to be floating screwdrivers. Even everyday solutions to problems that are developed by young talents also have the chance to receive a scholarship from Wera each quarter.

Promoting talent through the new Tool Rebel Junior Academy / Target group: Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 / “Think differently and turn old ideas upside down” / Solving everyday problems in a new way / A quarterly scholarship of € 3,000 for the best idea / Awarded by an independent jury of the Wuppertal Junior University /

Wuppertal. The tool manufacturer Wera likes to shake up the industry repeatedly by questioning existing standards and introducing new and surprising ideas. The company wants to communicate this ingenuity, coupled with a great passion and enthusiasm for creative innovations, to young people. To this purpose, the Tool Rebel Junior Academy has now been established, which is aimed at the age group between twelve and eighteen years. Every young person, who has curiosity and invention in their blood, can apply to the Academy online.

"Wera's Tool Rebels are known for constantly challenging standards and looking for new solutions", says Detlef Seyfarth, Marketing Manager at Wera. "That's why we want to motivate young people to think just as differently as us and turn tried and tested things on their head. Anyone in the relevant age group who wants to show ingenuity is welcome." It does not have to be about tools; what matters is that the participants, as an individual or a group, have solved a problem in an extraordinary way. A concrete result must have been achieved, which should be documented in the form of videos or photos - drawings or test descriptions do not necessarily have to be provided.

The solution and the application form can be submitted on the Wera homepage under the menu heading "Scholarship". The best idea will be rewarded with a scholarship of 3,000 euros, half of which will be paid in cash and the remainder in tools of your choice. From now on, Wera awards the scholarship once every quarter; the rights to the ideas remain with the applicants. An independent jury of the Wuppertal Junior University will make the selection of the respective winners. A non-academic teaching and research institution that is unique in Germany and offers exciting courses for experimentation and research for young people between the ages of four and twenty, and promotes the joy of learning. The next closing date is 30 June 2019.

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Wera Werkzeuge GmbH
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