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What you see is what you get:
Wera presents Augmented Reality

Wera Tools Details in Augmented Reality

Wera's most popular screwdriving tools can now also be called up in aug-mented reality on the tablet or smartphone and viewed in detail.


Wera is now offering the most important screwdriving tools in Augmented Reality. With the help of AR, the viewer can see the tool in a real environment as if it was there. Available directly in the product area on on your tablet or smartphone - without the need for an app. The AR tool can then be placed on a workbench, in a bag or workshop trolley to get an impression of the true size or appearance of the tool in its own environment.

Commercial partners also benefit in their sales conversations, as salespeople do not always have a product sample on hand when asked by their customers. In addition, returns should be avoided, because customers can see exactly what they are getting.

Click here for Wera Augmented Reality: Wera AR

Further Information:

Wera Werkzeuge GmbH
Korzerter Straße 21-25, 42349 Wuppertal / Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 45 311, Fax: 40 36 34
E-Mail: info(at), Internet:


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