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“Take it Easy” makes life simpler:
Find the right tool, fast!

New Wera “Take it Easy” tool finder / Coloured sleeves clearly indicate the profile type of screwdriver bits / Additional stamping for easy size differentiation / Tool finder also launched for wrenches, sockets & L-keys /

Cologne/Wuppertal. Most professionals are very aware of this common problem: the search for the suitable bit taking longer than the actual screwdriving process. But not any more! Wera, the German screw-driving tool specialist, presented their new “Take it Easy” tool finder system at the Cologne International Hardware Fair 2016.

Wera plays with colours…      
The Tool Rebels at Wera consistently push to challenge accepted standards – with the objective of making users’ lives safer and ‘full of joy’. After turning this game-changing thought process towards ratchets and wrenches, Wera returned to a core product range – screwdriver bits. But what can possibly be done to improve upon the current standards for bits? Simple – easier bit searches; something the new “Take it Easy” tool finder system makes super-easy. Coloured sleeves clearly indicate bit profiles, simplifying searches for the tip that matches your screw. For example, a red sleeve indicates a Phillips (PH) bit. Additional stamping ensures easy differentiation between sizes. With immediate effect, all premium Wera ranges (including Impaktor, Diamond, BiTorsion and Stainless) are adopting this system, making it easier and faster to find the right tool.

New “Take it Easy” tool finder system…
But that’s not all! The product development team were on a roll –transferring the tool finder concept to other Wera assembly tools for screws and nuts. Jaw wrenches, sockets, bit sockets and L-Keys have now been placed under the “Take it Easy” umbrella. In addition to existing size stamps, jaw wrenches receive a coloured bar for visual differentiation between sizes. On the sockets and bit sockets, an additional colour zone next to the stamping clarifies their size. To keep things as easy as possible, Wera followed a simple rule when assigning colours to these tools, that drive hexagon head screws, socket head screws and Torx® screws: same size - same colour. For example, for jaw wrenches and sockets, green symbolises a width across flats of 13 mm. As a result, the size of each tool can clearly be seen at a glance.