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New socket sets for special applications:
Wera once again demonstrates socket competence

Five new socket sets for special applications by Wera

Wera has launched a total of five new socket sets for special applications. These include three long socket wrench inserts in different wrench sizes, Impaktor sockets (seen in the middle of the image) and VDE sockets for working under tension (right).

Wuppertal. The Wuppertal-based screwdriving tool specialist Wera has now transferred the special features of its socket wrench inserts, which have been tried and tested for years, to various socket sets for special applications. The manufacturer, known for its tool innovations, thereby offers new user-focused solutions for even more fields of application.

Impaktor sockets: good to hit!

The Wera Impaktor range stands for particularly robust tools that can also be used on extremely strong power screwdrivers. Bits and holders have been established on the market since 2011, and nine ½" socket wrench inserts, with above-average service life, in the key widths of 13 to 21 mm have now been added, which are also suitable for electric or pneumatic impact wrenches. The power transmission is particularly gentle on the profile: the hexagonal profile enables high forces to be transmitted and puts even less strain on the edges of the bolt or screw head than a double hexagon profile.

The Impaktor sockets also offer additional user protection: The cross-bore and the ring socket allow the socket to be secured to the power tool with a locking pin or O-ring. This series is also equipped with the "Take it easy" tool finder system, so that the user can find the correct socket size particularly quickly and easily.

Deep Sockets: for screwdriving connections that are difficult to reach

Also new in the Wera range are long socket wrench inserts, so-called “deep sockets”, for deep screwdriving connections, which are also suitable for working on protruding threaded rods in tight spaces. As with the Impaktor sockets, the hexagonal profile enables high forces to be transmitted without damaging the profile. Even a double hexagon profile cannot keep up here. In any case, using fine-toothed ratchets such as the Wera Zyklop, with its small back-pivoting angle, means that double hexagon profiles are unnecessary even in confined spaces.

The long socket wrenches are suitable for both manual and machine operation and are equipped with a special non-slip knurling for easy use. The new series comprises 42 sockets in the widths 4 - 24 mm in ¼", ⅜" and ½". To ensure that the user does not choose an incorrect socket, this series also uses the "Take it easy" tool finder colour coding system.

VDE bit sockets: for work full of tension

New bit sockets in the VDE version (⅜") round off the manufacturer's wide range of sockets. The ten different sizes in TORX® (TX 20 - TX 45) and hexagonal socket (SW 4 - 8 mm) are individually tested at 10,000 volts and have one of Wera’s typical product advantages: the holding function reduces the risk of slippage when feeding the bits to the component. This is particularly helpful in hard-to-reach work areas where the other hand cannot be used to hold the bits.

The bit sockets also offer additional safety thanks to a yellow insulation core, which becomes visible if the outer red VDE insulation layer is damaged. The design of the sockets is extremely short and compact, so that working in very tight spaces is particularly easy. Three XZN bit sockets for screws with internal serrations complete the VDE range.

Transport: safe and sound

All three new socket series include belts which ensure the sockets are clearly arranged and safely stored for transport. Their exceptional design makes them particularly attractive. The belts are equipped with a non-woven reverse side and can be easily attached to the wall, shelf or workshop trolley as well as to the “Wera 2go” tool transport system with its hook and loop fastener zones.

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